Look no further, we nourish lives with quality foods

Goldbridge Farms Limited is an integrated farming system company that specializes in cassava processing, poultry farming, rearing of snails, grass cutters, and pigs and feed production under a mechanized, controlled and hygienic environment with the aim of feeding the society.

Our keys to success

Goldbridge Farms will follow these principles in order to achieve success in its market:

  • Processed Cassava products(Garri & Garri flour)
  • Packaged Eggs
  • Poultry birds (Pullets and Broilers)
  • Big Snails
  • Low cholesterol poultry meat
  • Pigs
  • Pork
  • Grass cutters
  • Consultancy services

Our keys to success

  • High level of hygiene and structured system.
  • State of the art mechanized plant
  • Robust market chain management, optimum inventory level and upholding “customer is king” perspective.

How &Where to Buy

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